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Image Quality

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Inventive Photo Booth


These images were taken with a photo booth sold by us.

(Taken by a client who bought our photo booth, not taken by us.)

Fun, vibrant, sharp photo booth image!
Fun, vibrant, sharp photo booth image!
Fun, vibrant, sharp photo booth image!
Fun, vibrant, sharp photo booth image!

Our Leading Competitor


These images were honestly taken with a photo booth sold by our

#1 leading competitor.

Dull. Dark. Drab.
Dull. Dark. Drab.
Dull. Dark. Drab.
Dull. Dark. Drab.

The quality of your images is perhaps the most important factor in determining the success of your photo booth business. The strips that come out of the photo booth should always have your business website at the bottom. These are your business cards and they go home with hundreds of potential clients every event. If the guests love the photos, they will keep them for years. Inventive Photo Booths are designed by an award-winning professional photographer to take the best photos in the industry!



FACT: 50% of all the photo booth manufacturers don't show any samples of their photo booths' photos on their websites.

What are they hiding?

Image Quality is the Most Important Thing

But don't take our word for it...


"Your success in the photo booth rental industry depends on the quality of your photos."



"You have to have the best photos, or your competition's going to beat you."




Inventive Photo Booths are designed by an award-winning professional photographer. To create the best image quality in the industry, we incorporate high-definition DSLR cameras, hand painted studio backdrops, and a one-of-a-kind lighting system. We will gladly put our photos next to anyone's.

- DSLR Photo Booth

- Strike a Pose Photo Booths

Photography 101

Flash Photography vs. Ambient Light.


Most photo booths resort to using ambient light... and it's a pity. There are two major things wrong with this approach. First, they typically don't supply enough light for a good exposure, so the photos are too dark. Without flash one has no choice but to shoot with a slow shutter speed, large aperture, High ISO or all three. The slow shutter speed means that any movement inside the booth will produce blur. The large aperture means a narrow depth of field, which means people in the front or back of a group will appear “soft”. ISO used to be called “film speed” in the antediluvian days of film. A high film speed meant a grainy look. Today we don't have film grain, we have digital noise. A high ISO adds digital noise which detracts from the sharp beauty of the portrait.

Second, if there actually is enough light to produce a decent exposure, that light is always on. It is bright and it is hot. This is obnoxious in a dark room. Photo Booths are ALWAYS setup in a dark room, so a bright light is the last thing your clients will want right next to the dance floor.


Size of the Light Source.


The size of the light source is the #1 determining factor in the beauty of a portrait. Imagine taking pictures on a clear day at noon with no shade. Ironically our 864,938 mile wide sun counts as a small light source, because it is small in our perspective ( yes I looked that number up!) Think of the shadows of cars, lampposts and stop signs you see on such a day – they all have hard edges. These hard shadows will also be on the subject's face. On the other hand, a cloudy day will produce beautiful light. On an overcast day, the entire sky becomes the light source. When the sun slips behind a cloud, the shadows on the ground seem to disappear. This is the perfect shadowless light that professional studios try to imitate with a large soft box. This is the light we at Inventive try to imitate with the 3 foot by 4 foot white face of the booth, which becomes the light source. Most photo booths, if they are good enough to even use flash photography, place the flash above the camera, behind a screen. Flash → Scrim → Subject. This system is fine for what it is, but it allows no way to possibly design a large enough scrim for a decent portrait. It also breaks another basic rule of portraiture: never have the light source come from the same direction that the photo is being taken. It flattens the persons features.

Our booths are different; we bounce the light. This is a solution that only a professional photographer would have thought of. But take a look and see for yourself, because as we say in the photography biz:

The pudding is in the proofs.


We also the ones who use hand-painted professional studio backdrops.


Do I have to explain this one? Take a look; they're beautiful!


Want to see more?


The following galleries contain over 60 images taken by photo booths set up by our employees in Dallas over just one weekend.

(These images have not been digitally altered.)

More Amazing Photo Booth Images:

Even More Amazing Photo Booth Images:

Prices and Upgrades

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Superior Image Quality

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