lightweight, easy, portable, easy, safe... easy.

We started this business to help people achieve their dreams. We don't succeed until you succeed. We've been blessed to become one of the leaders in this industry, but our passion is to steer people away from making a costly decision they'll regret.


We are entrepreneurs just like you. We love to design unique and inventive photo booths and build them ourselves. We do not merely re-sell cookie-cutter booths form China.


We can help you aim higher.


lightweight. easy. portable. easy. safe. easy.

Photo Booths for Sale

Our passion is to help entrepreneurs.


Who can totally do this?

You can.


Who is always here to help?

We are.

portable photo booths for sale

 mirror booths                                   $5,995

four-in-one photo booth                     $6,995

open air photo booth                          $4,995

Reasons to Choose Inventive Photo Booth:



We have the best return policy in the business. Most have none. Please don't jump out of an airplane without a parachute.

We Love to Build Stuff.


We're entrepreneurs just like you. We love to tinker. Inventive Photo Booth didn't start in business school; it started in a garage. Our booth designs don't start in CAD; they start on the backs of napkins.

Best Tech Support


The only time you will ever need tech support is Saturday night. Don't buy a booth from a company without 24/7 PHONE tech support.  When you call our tech support, you will not get a minimum wage employee who has never touched a photo booth in his life and is reading from a script. You will talk to someone who has the answers. Fast.

We Don't Buy Our Booths from China.


Anyone can buy cheap photo booths from China. We're one of the very few companies in America who actually design and build our own booths. That's why we call ourselves Inventive. We don't offer the same stuff re-packaged. We found ways to make them better.

Best Warranty


We stand by every booth we sell. We offer the best warranty in the business. The best 100% NO RISK Money Back Guarantee (No, they are not all alike), the best Limited Lifetime Guarantee, and the best Electronics Guarantee (over and above that of the manufacturers.) To learn more, click here.

Most Portable


All of our photo booths are designed to fit in any car. It's one of the advantages of designing our own products. Every Inventive booth is designed with the needs of a rental company in mind because we've done the job and know what the needs are.

Best Customer Service


Anytime you need anything, day or night, you will get a hold of us. We're here to help you.

Made in America


If you ever break a single part of your booth, we can replace that single part immediately. Because we make them here ourselves. Plus 24/7 U.S. tech support.

Proud to be trusted by those you trust.

lightweight, easy, portable, easy, safe... easy.

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