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Don't Settle for a Tacky

Pop-Tent, Shower Curtain,

or Open Air Kiosk...

Reasons to Buy a Photo Booth from Us

This does not reflect reality


When you are at an event and there is a line of people breathing down your neck, it is VERY important to get things running again fast. 95% of the tech calls we receive have a 3 second solution. When you call our tech support, you will not get a minimum wage employee who has never touched a photo booth in his life and is reading from a script. We also rent the equipment we sell. Our rental company in Dallas has done over 900 events and will hit 1,000 later this year. You will talk to someone who has already made all the mistakes that could be made and has the answers. Fast.


Disclaimer: Your operator will be male and unattractive.

Inventive Photo Booth in white


Sleek and elegant. Not your typical photo booth monstrosity. Not a tent. Not a shower curtain. Not a kiosk. Want to stand out? Order yours in white!

The external monitor runs a slide show of all pictures taken


Most Photo Booths for sale don't have an external monitor; you will stand out from your competition if you offer something that your competition doesn't.

External monitors are embedded in the side of the booth. They run a slide show of all the images taken so far. Every image taken is added to a folder and the slide show cycles through them all night.

The external monitor entertains people even as they wait in line. It shines like a beacon by a dark dance floor and encourages people  to use the photo booth who wouldn't have otherwise. The more users the better, because every user will go home with a strip with your website at the bottom.

But here is the best part: Photo Booths can be set up with or without an external monitor, giving you the opportunity to up-sell the monitor to your clients. You can offer a low priced photo booth for everyone on a budget, but then a more expensive photo booth for those not on a budget.

Your guest can post to their own facebook accounts.


Inventive Photo Booths come pre-installed with Darkroom Booth 2.0. Offer your clients Facebook uploads, email, text messaging, and Dropbox integration.

Simply the best.


We have the best Guaranty in the business

Inventive Photo Booths are designed by an award-winning professional portrait photographer to produce the most beautiful images in the industry. To learn more, click here.


I, Brian Krause, the owner of Inventive Photo Booth, stand by every photo booth we sell. I am not happy until you are happy. I hate how cliché that sounds but it is the truth. To that end, we offer the best warranty in the business. The best 30 Day 100% NO RISK Money Back Guaranty (No, they are NOT all alike), the best Limited Lifetime Guaranty, and the best Electronics Guaranty (Over and above that of the manufacturers.) To learn more, click here.

The Inventive Photo Booth fit in any car.


The challenge for portable photo booth is this: How do you get a large photo booth to break down small? The bad answer is to simply put up a pop tent. The good answer is much more Inventive. Our photo booth can not only fit into a four door, but the entire thing can breakdown to fit into its own bench. The bench has wheels which can flip around, so the entire photo booth can be wheeled from your car to the venue in ONE TRIP. Not just the photo booth, but also the prop bag, prop table, scrapbook bag, the printer and the extra paper. One trip! There are photo booths that MAY set up SLIGHTLY faster, but then they have to head back to their vehicles for a second, time-wasting trip. Click here.

Palm Springs DJ -

Two booths in only 4 months!

I did a lot of research to find a photo booth that was both extremely portable and didn't look ridiculous. I decided to go with Inventive Photo Booth, and I'm glad I did. In fact, JUST FOUR MONTHS after I received my first booth, I called Brian to order a SECOND BOOTH. My employee who sets up the second booth is female, so we are very grateful for the lightweight components and ease of use.

The product is great, the price is right, and the beautiful pictures are a bonus. But the absolute best part has been the costumer service. I always know that Brian is available on the other end of the phone to help me with anything I need; in fact I don't think I've ever heard his voicemail.


Thanks Brian. I look forward to ordering my third booth.


DJ Chris Paul

Palm Springs

20% of our clients call to buy a SECOND BOOTH in


To All,


I am writing in regards to the Photo Booth I purchased from Brian Krause of Inventive Photo Booth in 2014.  The photo booth itself should set all photo booth standards!  This is well manufactured and a strong design.  The repetitive setup/teardown that it goes through from one event to another the booth continues to proudly stand up and gets the next party started!  It’s sleek and elegant to one’s eye but its durable and tough.  The powder coated painted metal frame is weightless and maintenance free. The HD Touchscreen monitor fits perfect in the cutout as well as the camera fits in its.  The cutouts have maintained their original size, shape and continue to hold the equipment as per specifications.  The Inventive Photo Booth fits nicely in a small vehicle for transporting to each event.  The bench serves as that of a bench or as a cart with caster wheels in which it holds the entire photo booth kit!  Brian Krause manufactures the best photo booth.  Brian Krause and the Inventive Photo Booth set the Industry Standards.  The Inventive Photo Booth is a grand photo booth!


Warm Regards

Lynne Adams

Adams Phototainment

Photo Booth Rental Service



Inventive Photo Booth in black

Available in Black or White

Call to Order Yours Today


  -  In stock. Ships within 1 week

  -  Facebook, email, texting, and Dropbox integration.

  -  Sets up in 15 minutes (With one person!)

  -  Fits 95% of 4-doors sedans!

  -  Professional "Old Master" studio backdrop

  -  Cool interior LED lighting lines the edge of the booth's main white face

  -  Backdrop in your choice of colors!

  -  Facial recognition ability can print a strip for everyone in the photo

  -  In-system footer creation (no need for Photoshop)

  -  Brand new DNP photo booth printer

  -  Brand new Dell touchscreen computer with Darkroom photo booth software already installed

  -  Brand new Canon T5 DSLR camera

  -  Brand new studio flash

  -  FREE website

  -  Expert business advice from the largest photo booth rental company in Dallas/Fort Worth.




Inventive Portable 4 - in - 1 Photo Booth

Prices for a complete booth, everything you need (including the printer) start at:


Call for details.

Buy One Photo Booth - Offer it Four Different Ways.

Setup #1


Sit-down Booth With Monitor

Setup #3


Enclosed Booth

Setup #2


Stand-up Booth With Monitor

Setup #4


Open Air Booth

What Your Customers Want:



If you only have an open-style booth or puny kiosk, you won't make any money.




Don't settle for one slice. With the Inventive 4-in-1 Booth, you get the WHOLE PIE!




Add a monitor to the outside of the photo booth - $295


This is truly a great upgrade. We offer an outside monitor to our rental clients for an extra $100. If only three of your clients opt for this upgrade, it has paid for itself. Last year 28 of our rental clients purchased the upgrade.

purchase a photo booth with or without a monitor
Purchase a photo booth with your choice of backdrop color.

Add an additional backdrop of a different color - $395


We offer you color choices, why not offer them to your client. When you purchase a photo booth from us, you must choose the color of the studio backdrop. The first backdrop is included in the price. But you can add a backdrop to your order and offer more options to your clients.






My husband and I decided to add to our DJ business in Ohio by purchasing a portable photo booth.  We spent several weeks collecting information and doing research to find the best booth to meet our needs.  We spoke with several manufacturers and after days of deliberation we decided to select Inventive Photo Booth.  Our first telephone call with Brian, the owner was very informative, professional and helpful.  His knowledge and experience with photo booth made our decision easy.  Since purchasing our inventive photo booth, Brian has been a blessing.  He is always available to answer our questions, all 500 of them every day:)!   He always has the right answers to help us as he trouble shoots our issues either on the telephone or via text.  The booth itself aesthetically looks great and the All In One tablet, camera, printer and outside monitor are flawless.  Our only regret of purchasing the inventive photo booth from Brian is that he lives in Texas and we reside in Ohio!  We are extremely satisfied with our photo booth.  Who knows, perhaps we have to order another one, in the near future, if we're lucky!

Thanks Brian for all your help!  We will definitely pass the word about your inventive photo booth!:)




Springboro, Ohio






After countless hours of searching and trying to find the perfect booth, I strongly believe I have found it. Inventive Photo Booth is the best booth on the market! As a female, I was skeptical about actually finding a booth that would not weigh a ton and would be easy for me to transport, assemble, and operate. Well Inventive Photo Booth is it! It's so easily portable, quick to assemble, easy to operate, and takes the highest quality pictures I've ever received from a photo booth. Even having transported it several times, I am still amazed that it actually fits in the backseat of my car! Brian was an angel throughout the whole ordeal; he was so helpful and easy to contact at any time. With this being my first photo booth business venture, I couldn't have asked for a better start. Brian provided us with clear "how-to" videos, shipping was fast, and he even created the footer for our first event. I would recommend Inventive Photo Booth to everyone, and I definitely look forward to purchasing with Brian again!


L. Owens, Snap N Shoot Booths, LLC