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Open Air Photo Booth

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Complete System

My husband and I decided to add to our DJ business in Ohio by purchasing a portable photo booth.  We spent several weeks collecting information and doing research to find the best booth to meet our needs.  We spoke with several manufacturers and after days of deliberation we decided to select Inventive Photo Booth.  Our first telephone call with Brian, the owner was very informative, professional and helpful.  His knowledge and experience with photo booth made our decision easy.  Since purchasing our inventive photo booth, Brian has been a blessing.  He is always available to answer our questions, all 500 of them every day:)!   He always has the right answers to help us as he trouble shoots our issues either on the telephone or via text.  The booth itself aesthetically looks great and the All In One tablet, camera, printer and outside monitor are flawless.  Our only regret of purchasing the inventive photo booth from Brian is that he lives in Texas and we reside in Ohio!  We are extremely satisfied with our photo booth.  Who knows, perhaps we have to order another one, in the near future, if we're lucky!

Thanks Brian for all your help!  We will definitely pass the word about your inventive photo booth!:)



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