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mirror photo booth for sale

 the backseat mirror booth

Complete system - Nothing left to buy


24/7 US tech support


Touchscreen technology


Exciting, colorful animations


55 inch mirror - will fit your backseat


30-day 100% money back guaranty


Safe acrylic mirror won't break.


No need to buy a van or trailer



The Backseat Mirror Booth comes in:



BOTH fit in your backseat.


BOTH can set up with or without fancy frame.


REGULAR comes with or without light-up sign.

Finally, a portable mirror booth!

Breaks down into three pieces

and fits any car!

You don't have to buy a van or a trailer!



The average mirror photo booth is one piece that weighs 143 lbs.


OUR Backseat Mirror Booth fits in your back seat. The heaviest thing you will have to lift is 35 lbs.

(It's the printer.)

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