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We started this business to help people achieve their dreams. We don't succeed until you succeed. We've been blessed to become one of the leaders in this industry, but our passion is to steer people away from making a costly decision they'll regret. Unfortunately the industry has become littered with almost nothing but shabby tents and not-a-booth kiosks. These styles of 'booths' only fit the needs of the manufacturer, not the end-user and certainly not your needs as a rental company. We can help you aim higher.

2019 Pricing:


Complete System

Portable Photo Booth for Sale


It's FOUR Photo Booths in One!


One Inventive Photo Booth transforms into four different setup styles for you to market to your clients.

Setup #1


Sit-down Booth With Monitor


Adding a monitor is a fun and profitable upgrade. It's a way to separate yourself from your competition and make more money per booking.

Setup #2


Stand-up Booth With Monitor


Any style can be set up with or without a bench and with or without a monitor.

Setup #3


Enclosed Booth



We offer the ONLY classic arcade-style photo booth that is lightweight and ultra-portable

Setup #4


Open Air Booth



Tell your clients who want an open air photo booth "yes," not "no." Tell clients on a very tight budget, "You really can afford a photo booth!"

Buy One Photo Booth - Offer it Four Different Ways.

Up-sell. Up-sell. Up-sell.


By offering your clients options in your photo booth business, you create the opportunity to up-sell. But more importantly you have a photo booth to offer that fits every budget. Some people only care about having the best photo booth, no matter what the cost. You'll have a photo booth to offer them. Some people only care about cost and little else. You'll have a photo booth for them as well.


Score Major Cred.


If you are starting a brand new photo booth business, people will be wary of you. If your website makes it look like you have four photo booths, your business will look more established and more credible. We won't tell.


CLICK HERE to see one example of what your client could see.

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Not Another Cookie-Cutter Photo Booth...

...This Is Something New.


No other photo booth sets up so big and breaks down so small!

The Inventive Photo Booth can fit in any car.


An entire Inventive Photo Booth in the backseat of a 4-door. The printer, prop bag, scrap book bag, and extra box of paper can all be slid into the bench, leaving the front passenger seat and the entire trunk still open. Room to spare!

Fits Any Car!

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