lightweight, easy, portable, easy, safe... easy.

55" Backseat Mirror Booth

Complete System - $5,995

Complete system - Nothing left to buy

Save money by buying direct from a manufacturer

24/7 US tech support

Touchscreen technology

Exciting, colorful animations

55" mirror - will fit your backseat

30-day 100% money back guarantee

No need to buy a van or trailer


"Brian and his professional approach and technical assistance insured every thing went like clock work, he was right there every step of the way. Thanks Brian and inventive you are amazing."



  • Ships within 3-4 weeks
  • Touch activated
  • Fits all cars!
  • Sets up in minutes (with one person!)
  • Facebook, email, texting, and Dropbox integration.
  • Facial recognition ability can print a strip for everyone in the photo
  • In-system footer creation (no need for Photoshop)
  • Brand new DNP photo booth printer
  • Brand new Windows 10 computer with Darkroom photo booth software already installed
  • Brand new Canon T5 DSLR camera
  • Brand new studio flash


It flashes!


The Inventive Flash Panel not only provides cool up-lighting for the dance floor, it's also a flash. The LED lights have a number of colors and settings, and can be synced with the LED lights inside the booth for an impressive effect, but it's also the perfect flash for a beautiful picture. The flash is pure white. The multi-colored LEDs do not affect the color or exposure of the final image. It's the best of both worlds and only you will have it to offer your clients.

lightweight, easy, portable, easy, safe... easy.

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